Anthurium Crystallinum


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Family: Araceae 
Genus: Anthurium 
Species: Crystallinum 

You will get your plant in a black plastic nursery pot filled with our home-made aroid-mix (including bark, perlite, coconut coir and potting soil). Total height with pot: ca. 31 cm. 

Care Tips


Anthurium Crystallinum needs medium to bright indirect light. It’s very sensitive to direct light and its foliage burns easily.


It prefers temperatures between 18-21° Celsius. Temperatures below 12° Celsius are not tolerated and can cause death.


Use an organic fertilizer once every 6-8 weeks from March to September.


Anthurium Crystallinum prefers a breathable aroid mix including potting soil, coconut coir, bark pieces, charcoal and perlite.


The plant requires high humidity (above 60%) to thrive and can easily get brown leaf edges without it.


The best pot for your plant is a well-draining terracotta or plastic pot with bottom holes.


The soil should stay slightly moist but not wet during the growing season.


Be careful! The plant is poisonous for animals and humans, if ingested.

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