Philodendron Gloriosum


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Family: Araceae 
Genus: Philodendron 
Species: P. Gloriosum 

You will get your plant in a black plastic nursery pot filled with our home-made aroid-mix (including bark, perlite, coconut coir and potting soil). Total height with pot: 41 cm.

Care Tips

Your Gloriosum will do best in an area with bright and indirect sunlight but can adapt to medium light. Do not directly expose it to the sun to avoid leaf burn. 
The temperature for your plant should be between 18 – 29° Celsius.
Feed your Gloriosum with a balanced liquid fertilizer rich in macro-nutrients. Use the fertilizer once a month in spring and summer and every 6-8 weeks in autumn and winter.
Gloriosums prefer loose, well-draining soil that is high in organic matter.
The ideal humidity level for your Gloriosum is around 50% to 80%. If humidity falls below 40%, make use of an indoor humidifier.
The best pot for your plant is a well-draining terracotta or plastic pot with bottom holes.
Allow the top 3 cm of your soil to dry out between waterings. The soil shouldn’t dry out completely.
Be careful! The plant is poisonous for animals and humans, if ingested.
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